Who We Are

AgricultSURE is an agricultural consultancy and input supplying company, playing an active role on the southern African sub-continent. It is a South African based food-securing company with a vast network of co-workers and suppliers including multinational and local investors and developers. It caters for multi scale sized operations varying from back yard household vegetable to mega scale commercial farming and agri-processing businesses.

Our Edge

We know Africa.

We empower rather than appoint.

We believe in merit and value reputable performance. 

We endorse global business standards and promote Good Agriculture Practice (Global GAP).

We develop sustainable networks and share our successes with all stake holders.

About Us

AgricultSURE has a vast and reliable network of co-workers and suppliers that was built over 25 years of interaction among food processors, top supplying companies and strategic role players in the agricultural sector. Catering not only for larger scale operations, such as the 2013 2,500 ha sunflower planting or the 2014 4,000 ha maize and 7,500 ha sunflower planting, but also for micro scale home gardening ventures like DIY seed kits containing seed, fertilizer, utensils with a fully illustrated guide, and all ranges in between. We have extensive exposure in the handling of emerging farming projects and the establishing of large scale commercial vegetable and agronomical operations. We offer holistic solutions as well as support with more specific requests. AgricultSURE is actively involved in various countries on the sub-continent and is persistently committed to add value and optimize the agricultural industry. We believe our contribution will soon be notable and remarkable.

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