CCS - Commercial Consultation Services

A wide range of services and products are supplied through a network of highly competent staff and agents across the African sub-continent.



ü  Soil sampling, analyses and mapping

ü  Collective soil potential mapping and farm layout

ü  Enterprise evaluation and optimisation

ü  Subterranean water locating (latest technical equipment)

ü  Hyper spectral mapping

ü  Thermal mapping

ü  Geographical surveys (field selection/dam site surveys)

ü  Irrigation pivot calibration



Technical support & input supply:

ü  Business modelling

ü  Enterprise budgeting (various)

ü  Feasibility studies

ü  Farming software and systems

ü  GIS services

ü  Soil sample analyses & recommendation

ü  Bush clearing

ü  Irrigation design and development

ü  Land/field preparation (contractor services available)

ü  Variable fertilizer application

ü  Precision planting (custom compliancy kit – CCK or contractor)

ü  Satellite imaging

ü  Fertigation

ü  Pest & disease control


ü  Specialised support:

·    Start-up farming and management assistance – various options offered (like short, medium or long term agreements with customised exit/transfer strategies in starting up and running projects on behalf of developer)

·    Buy or rent equipment to plant and harvest:

o Potato/Sweet potato/Beans/Carrots/Wheat/Maize/Sunflower/

     Groundnuts/Pasture establishment and haymaking/Livestock  handling equipment

·    Recruitment assistance

·    Insurance

·    Borehole drilling