EBD – Emerging Business Development

Identifying new agribusinesses is a fundamental drive and comprises of locating potential farming and/or processing opportunities which are then linked with investors and off takers. An exclusive selection of stakeholders is continually on the lookout for synergies and prepared to invest in the right business. Meticulous care and assistance in the establishment and support of emerging businesses is a notable part of this portfolio.  




ü  Continually identifying and listing prospective:

·         Investors

·         Developers

·         Off takers

·         Marketing agents

·         Agribusiness opportunities

·         Stakeholders


ü    Sourcing related businesses opportunities:

·         Liaise with various role players

·         Identify synergies

·         Link prospective partners and stake holders

·         Facilitate business structure

·         Assist with business plan compilation



Operational support:

ü Integrated access to all services and products listed under CCS (Commercial Consultation Services)

ü Integrated access to all services and products rendered under NPD (New Product Development)

ü    Assist in evaluating options to expand or merge

ü Source funding

ü Source off takers

ü Implement specialized marketing strategies (global)

ü Facilitate the design and build of micro, medium and large scale processing, bottling, canning, sun drying and labelling plants and abattoirs