NMD - New Market Development

Sub Saharan Africa agribusiness produces many new products from as many new companies. The objective is to play a facilitative role by networking with local and global companies to establish a secure and safe food supply network.


ü Authentication of product(s)

ü Identifying target markets

ü Compiling branding and marketing strategy

ü Facilitate selection of packing preferences

ü Facilitate selection of distribution and marketing options




ü Assistance with export and import of products and goods     (cereals, fruit vegetables, meat, equipment and infra-  structure)

ü Compiling sales agreements

ü Short term insurance



Operational support:

ü    Integrated access to all services and products listed under CCS (Commercial Consultation Services)

ü    Integrated access to all services and products rendered under EBD (Emerging Business Development)

ü Identifying and developing niche markets

ü Market research (questionnaire compilation/media selection)

ü Processing and interpretation of research results