Farmer Starter Packs

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Products to optimise small/urban farming

We custom pack small farmer starter packs which include a selection of the most impactful equipment and input, all of exceptional quality, in order to help aspiring farmers to overcome core challenges like planting, irrigating, fertigating and crop spraying, and to have it sorted in the most cost efficient and practical ways.

  • Small farmer starter packs from 400 m² to 1 ha are available to large groups of small farmers
  • These can include:
    • hand planters,
    • drip irrigation system (complete with tank, source feeding lines, solar panels/ pumps and dripper lines)
    • fertigation applicators
    • solar chargeable, battery operated crop sprayers
    • a selection of top-quality seed (optional)
    • fertilizer based on recommendation (optional)
    • training and online support (optional)

We cater for group small farmer programmes to allow participants the cost benefit of bulk ordering and, through the application of our progressive resource assessment program, we hope to encourage access to microfinancing at financial institutions


Small farmer – Vegetable starter packs

This product can be made up according to a specific group of farmers’ needs and may include one or more of the following items:

  • 1500 L water tank
  • 100 m PVC pipe mother line
  • A Flexipump (100m distance & 6 m head capacity)
  • Drip irrigation line (20cm inline spacing)
  • Close/open connector valves
  • Anchor pegs
  • Filter
  • Pressure regulator
  • Piercing tool
  • Sealing tape
  • A manual maize planter
  • 16L Battery operated solar charged knapsack sprayer
  • Seed & fertilizer/utensil/planting manual planting kits

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P.O.Box 799, LICHTENBURG,2740

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AgricultSURE is a farming consultancy company and food security agent based in South Africa and operating across Africa as part of a large network of input and equipment supplying companies and developing agents.

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