Small Scale Farmers


Emergent Farmers

Group Small/Emergent Farmer Support Programs

2013 - The 2013 Landbank Regional Emerging Market (REM) program NWP comprised of the following:

79 farmers from 5 constituencies (Ditsobotla, Mahikeng, Ratlou, Mooifontein en Tswaing), were scheduled to plant 13,000 ha of sunflower. Due to a severe drought the plantings were limited based on conserved soil moisture content to 3,598 ha sunflower among 13 farmers.

  • Farmers on the program were divided into two groups:
  • Those with own tractors and equipment (production)
  • Those without tractors and equipment (contractor)
  • One on one training sessions were presented on a continuous base.

2016 … - In various countries including Zimbabwe, Uganda and Zambia group small farmer projects are facilitated through collective and continuous support which is done through a combination of frequent site visits and remote liaison using social media platforms.

Controlling systems are used to stay in touch with individual field progress in order to proactively guide farmers to act responsively in managing seed/seedlings, fertilizer, pest and disease control programs as well as irrigation scheduling and off taking.

2014/15 - The 2014/15 Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) NWP program comprised of the following:

105 emerging farmers from 5 constituencies (Ditsobotla, Mahikeng, Ratlou, Mooifontein en Tswaing), collectively planted 4,166 ha maize and 7,403 ha sunflower (total 11,569 ha), achieving a net yield of 8,353 t maize valued at  R 18,242,593, and 8,440 t sunflower valued at R 36,293,036 (R 54,535,629 in total),

  • Top dry land yields of 6 t/ha maize and 2.2 t/ha sunflower were achieved among respective farmers.
  • The largest collective maize and sunflower volume achieved at an individual farmer exceeded a 1000 t.