Small Scale Farming Projects

Emerging Farmer Development

AgricultSURE has vast experience in guiding and supporting private and governing bodies to facilitate group farmer projects and has been very successful to ensure that farmers are having a realistic prospect of recovering costs and making profit. If the minimum requirements (such as available resources) are not met, it will not roll out a project and if some of individual participating farmers are facing situations where losses are unavoidable, further risks are minimised as a matter of priority. Staying in touch continually with each farmer on the project and addressing his/her unique individual challenges while applying proactively outcome-based decision-making to ensure that the best calls are made, has become our legacy to ensure emerging farmers join the commercial sector. 



Contact us for smart small farmer solutions at best prices:

  • Seed and fertilizer input
  • Complete irrigation DIY kits and all accessories such as tanks and pumps
  • High-quality battery-operated crop sprayers (solar charged options available)
  • Chicken coops DIY kits
  • Cost effective irrigation scheduling solutions

Continually identifying and listing prospective:

  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Off takers
  • Marketing agents
  • Agribusiness opportunities
  • Stakeholders

Sourcing related businesses opportunities:

  • Liaise with various role players
  • Identify synergies
  • Link prospective partners and stake holders
  • Facilitate business structure
  • Assist with business plan compilation

Operational support

  • Integrated access to all services and products listed under Large Scale Farming   Projects
  • NEW Sustainable resource assessment service (Register online, complete the survey and receive an assessment report). 
  • Assist in evaluating options to expand or merge
  • Source funding
  • Source off takers
  • Implement specialized marketing strategies (global)
  • Facilitate the design and build of micro, medium and large-scale processing, bottling, canning, sun drying and labelling plants and abattoirs