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Food security is crucial, and AgricultSURE’s solutions are the vital initial stride towards self-sustainability and resilience.

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We are a South African farming consultancy and supplier, specializing in small-scale farming and community garden projects across Africa. As a subsidiary of Laeveld Agrochem, we focus on empowering small-scale farmers and promoting sustainable practices. Their vegetable home garden starter packs are recognized as an effective solution for food security and poverty eradication, with numerous success stories across the continent.

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We were hungry for a sustainable solution to poverty.
October 20, 2021
AgricultSURE in partnership with Laeveld Agrochem and Betereinders are thrilled to support smallholder farmers. View this video.
Small farms: the key to the future of food in Africa
November 2, 2021
Small farms are key to the future of food in Africa. The Laeveld Agrochem team and Kobus Hurter (AgricultSURE) joined the local farmers in the Tafelkop area last week to support sustainable agriculture development in the area.
Minister Thoko Didiza encourages unity in the agriculture industry
May 27, 2022
Thoko Didiza delivered a keynote address at the Subtrop Transformation Summit in Tzaneen. The event held promise for the agriculture industry.
Promoting home gardening across Africa
July 4, 2022
AgricultSURE in collaboration with Laeveld Agrochem distributed home garden starter packs to 229 Members of Parliament representing 52 African countries during a recent seating of The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) in Midrand.
From starter packs to small- scale farms: the future of home agriculture
August 18, 2022
The veggie starter packs offer you the opportunity to grow enough vegetables to feed your family and even have surplus to sell, providing an additional source of income.
Historic first for the new cohort of farmers in SA
September 15, 2022
300 Of the country’s finest young farmers and agri-preneurs convene for the first ever Mzansi Young Farmers Indaba.

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AgricultSURE focuses on engaging youth in farming and agriculture by introducing basic crop production practices in schools and childcare centers. We collaborate with organizations and individuals to teach children about growing crops and gardening. We also emphasize the importance of communal household vegetable gardens in addressing food shortages. AgricultSURE works with community development agents and government departments to promote food security solutions. We offer assessments, starter packs with crop inputs, and gardening equipment to communities interested in improving their food production. Additionally, AgricultSURE collaborates with mining groups to implement smallholder farmer projects on rehabilitated mining land, emphasizing regenerative farming practices and biodiversity. We provide training and support to communities living near mining sites, helping them become self-sufficient and address food insecurity.

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AgricultSURE on Niche Farmers

AgricultSURE, a South African small-scale farmer developer, joined forces with Laeveld Agrochem for the popular televised Niche Farmers series. Airing since August 2022, the series showcases local up-and-coming farmers using innovative methods for food production. It features diverse farming enterprises, from hydroponic rooftops to greenhouses, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit of South African farmers.

AgricultSURE and Laeveld Agrochem hope that Niche Farmers will inspire others to start their agri-businesses, promoting a wide range of food production opportunities for universal food security in the country and region. The series also emphasizes the significance of commercial farming and creating jobs in the agricultural industry. AgricultSURE collaborates with small-scale farmers and community gardening projects to implement sustainable projects across the region.

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